TV Hosting Journey

I know that the name of this blog is “BrainofacheaphungryACTRESS, But I have actually found a new love in the Entertainment world.


What is hosting? Whenever I mention hosting, people always get a puzzled look on their faces. They usually think that I’m passionate as hell about being a restaurant host or something, but that’s not the case at all!

Hosting is what Ryan Seacrest, Giuliana Rancic,Terrance Jay,Oprah,David Letterman,Olivia Munn,Regis Philbin,Michelle beadle,Star Jones, and Carson Daly all do for a living. Now, all of them are in different sub-types of hosting, but it’s pretty much the same family. You have entertainment hosts that do Red Carpet interviews,press junkets, and cover celebrity news.( This is what most people are familiar with) We also have sports hosts,daytime and late night talk shows,Panel shows like “The View” or “Fashion Police”, Reality shows,Game shows,Talent shows like “The Voice” or “American Idol”,and of course, Newscasters! Hosts are actually everywhere!


Also a form of TV hosting!

I sat in on a free preview class for a hosting program in LA and instantly fell in love!  I feel like this is something that fits me a lot better than acting does. There are a lot of things that are expected of you in acting that I don’t feel comfortable with, so interviewing people and delivering copy from a teleprompter is right up my alley! Of course, I will definitely still submit for and audition for certain acting roles, but it’s not my main focus anymore.

Stay Tuned…


I’m on my way!!



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