Look Ma,no hands!

For a while I’ve been looking for a skill to work on besides acting,preferably something physical so that I can get in shape & have something new to put on my resume. Putting all of my focus on acting was driving me nuts and I was becoming obsessive and constantly putting myself down. What sucked even more was that January is when pilot season starts and every single one of my actor friends were going on 394823 auditions a day for big stuff and I couldn’t get one stinkin audition- Not even for a student film!! I was always wondering what was wrong with me and why I suck at life.(lol) I was at a point where I couldn’t even watch a movie or a TV show without constantly thinking about what motivated the actors to make the choices that they made and then turning off said movie or show after 5 minutes because I started to feel intense jealousy  because they get to actually live the life that I want while i’m sitting at home watching them. :  (


My resume is like….

I did not give up on acting, but I decided that it would be best for me to step away and put my energy elsewhere for a moment.I still submitted on casting websites for roles whenever they would fit me, but I didn’t stress out over it like before.


I decided to check out Groupon to see what I could try out. Back in September my older sister bought me a 1 hour horse ride for two as a birthday gift and it made me think about how much I missed doing things besides going to work and watching Netflix. I hardly have time to do anything anymore because I spend the majority of the day sleeping because I work such a grueling graveyard shift 5 days a week. The ride was absolutely necessary for me and was very refreshing! After that I considered taking up horseback riding again but then I realized that I wanted to try something that I have never ever done before.So, I got to thinking about what skill I should take up…

Groupon Horseback ride : ) I’m smiling but I was actually terrified at how close I was to the edge.lol

I used to spend a lot of time in Long Beach and kept noticing a place nestled inside of a business center called Fembody Fitness. After remembering that name from years ago I went ahead and looked on their website and fell in love! They offer pole dancing, Aerial silks, Aerial hoop,barre, and burlesque classes. I was particularly interested in the Aerial silks because I’ve always wanted to join the circus and thought it looked beautiful! I bought a Groupon deal for it and took the plunge. When I took my first class I didn’t have a very good experience and I didn’t realize just how goddamn hard the silks were! The “basic” climb is the hardest damn thing to get a hold of! The videos I watched back to back on YouTube and the demonstrations the instructor did made it look so easy! She also taught us how to use another apparatus called the Lyra ,or Aerial Hoop.THAT was so much easier for me to use! I wrote a yelp review about my not so great experience at this studio.(yes, I LOVE yelp!).The owner actually reached out to me and offered for me to try the studio out again,so i’ll be going a second time next week. *fingers crossed*


There was nothing in the world stopping me from accomplishing my goal, so as soon as I could I went to another studio called Aerial Physique and gave the silks another try. It went REALLY well! I still couldn’t get the damn basic climb, but I learned a few other things in the 20 minutes that I was there.(shiit, I was late as hell to the class because I locked myself out of my car while at the gas station on the way to the studio..smh). I went back for more blood (ok i’m being dramatic now) and I was determined af to climb that goddamn silk! Today I actually took my third ever aerial silks class annnddd….. STILL CANT CLIMB THE MUTHASUCKIN THING! It was so frustrating because here I am on my 3rd damn attempt and everyone else in the class was there for the first time and EVERY. SINGLE.PERSON climbed on that shit on the first try. Surprisingly I didn’t get pissed off and want to cry like I always do. I just kept trying… even though I did nothing but fail.At the end of class I attempted one more damn time to climb the silk and I FINALLY made a teeny bit of progress. Now all I want to do is get back up there and keep trying because I KNOW I can get this!

First day at Aerial Physique

My arms are currently on fire! Everything else in the class that we did went extremely well! Literally EVERYTHING else! I was upside down in a tuck.I was upside down straight up and down. I did wrist locks and foot locks and even a little mini routine that was a combination of all of the things we learned. I could do everything except for the “basic” climb. lol It’s all good though! I plan on continuing my aerial arts education and being the best that I can be and seeing where this goes! Hopefully it may lead to performances and competitions! If anything, it’s a really great work out and I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger. Out of the 3 of us, I have always been the only non athletic sibling.I can’t even run more than 2 minutes without dying so this class is wonderful for me.WAY better than the traditional gym workouts! I also have a lot more self confidence, I am very proud of myself (for once),and most importantly I am way less stressed out!

I WILL climb you dammit!

Now that i’m nice and calm again and my mind is clear and I feel ready to go back full force into acting. I will still take my Aerial silk classes whenever I can because I absolutely love love LOVE it!





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