Tell em why you’re mad sis!

Pretty much every 2 or 3 months, a “new” trend comes out that makes black women across the diaspora let out a collective groan. I use the word new in quotations because these things usually aren’t new at all! The things that I’m referring to are features or styles that are usually associated with Black women, but have been seen as ugly or ghetto…until a non-black woman has them.

Let me give you some examples!



Angelina Jolie has been known for her full lips since the early 90s.She has been considered one of the most beautiful woman in the world because of her lips.
Kylie Jenner claimed to simply over draw her lips to create her look of fuller lips,but later admitted to getting lip injections.Also admired for her beautiful full lips.
Model Aamito Lagum’s lips were posted on MAC’s Instagram page which caused the page to be bombarded with racist comments about her lips.

People in 2015 was going nuts over Kylie Jenner and her lips. Magazines were coining full lips “kylie jenner lips” and giving tips on how to achieve the same look as her. Silly teenagers online figured out a way to achieve her look by sucking on cups and bottles and they called it the “Kylie Jenner challenge”.Some kids bruised and literally broke their lips because of this fad. Later on she admitted to feeling insecure about her lips and getting injections…not just over drawing. Even after admitting to basically being a fraud (she came out with a line of liquid lipstick and liner and a guide to over drawing.), people STILL put her on a pedestal for her lips.

Aamito Lagum’s lips are 100% natural and people had a ton of nasty racist ass things to say about her. It is loud and clear that having full juicy lips is only considered beautiful on non-black women.





Sure,black women didn’t invent false nails or extravagant nail designs, but when Black women were the main ones wearing them they were the poster children for “ghetto”.Now that other women are starting to wear long and crazy decorated nails, it’s now considered creative and edgy.

Colorful hair


  I think her hair looks really cool! 
Super creative and well done! Unfortunately, her hair is on every website that shows ghetto hair.smh

Once again, Black women didn’t invent having colorful hair, but whenever we did have pink,blue,or purple sprinkled in our hair then it made you a ghetto hoodrat and was considered ratchet. Nowadays a LOT of women have unnatural hair colors in the workplace from Corporate america to Classrooms. NOW it’s considered unique,beautiful,and simply a form of self expression. If you go to google and type in “ghetto hair” then you see nothing but pictures of black women with colorful hair. If you type in “creative hair colors” then all you see is non black women with colorful hair.

Speaking of hair, it’s not just the color that gets ridiculed when black women have it, but also the texture and style. The fashion industry STAYS putting traditionally black styles on  white models and then calling them something else and considering it new.(see “Marc Jacobs mini buns“,Allure magazine’s “yes, you too can have an afro” article,Vogue’s “summer hair”,and most recently “Squad Goals)




The twerk team has been doing their twerk routines on youtube for years! They were always ridiculed and called nasty for twerking. As soon as Miley cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke at the VMAs the world went crazy and thought she created twerking. People still till this day give Miley credit for twerking. People loved twerking SO much after the VMAs that now alllllll of a sudden twerk fitness classes are popping up everywhere…and guess who is instructing the classes? not black girls! LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL

All of a sudden twerking is the new heart pumping cardio work out and not a “Hoodrat mating ritual”. Pole dancing classes were okay , but twerking was ghetto and trashy… until Miley Cyrus came along. Now all of a sudden everyone is coming up with twerk workout classes!

Suddenly videos are popping up of white girls twerking and coming up with routines just like the twerk team did and there is not ONE negative comment on their videos. I made a VIDEO a few years ago wondering why it was socially acceptable for women to take pole dancing classes, but considered nasty and whorish to twerk when they are BOTH done in strip clubs. wth?? I’m not saying that this is something that needs to be apart of black history months or anything, but still! Once again, any time black people do something then it’s considered a bad thing until someone else gets ahold of it.

Big round butts

FOR.EVER black women were known to have that “donk” but the rest of the world has always considered it ugly,fat,and repulsive.They even locked women up in a damn zoo and put them on sideshows to show their butts to curious white people.Having a big butt was always considered a bad thing…until Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian came along.Now all of a sudden every magazine is advertising “how to get the perfect round butt” “how to get a beautiful backside like kim k” and companies are coming up with pants that make your booty  look bigger and padded underwear to give your butt a boost. Living in LA, I’m also seeing a LOT more women with butt implants,injections, and brazilian butt lifts. Suddenly it’s beautiful to have a big butt…but only if you’re not black.


I’m pretty sure you’re noticing a pattern here. Kardashians. It seems like every time one of them does something that black women have been doing for centuries, THEY are the ones who get credit and praise for it. The thing that i find the most interesting is that even though the women in that family are faker than a $3 bill, people STILL love them and praise them for the features that they BOUGHT.Black men love the hell out of the kardashians even when they do the same things that they hate black women for like wearing weaves for example.



It’s not to say that women who aren’t black aren’t allowed to have big lips,butts,or wear some damn cornrows. That’s STUPID!! People can wear their hair however they want and still look good and some people that aren’t black are born with big lips and butts.The problem is that when black women do pretty much ANYTHING it is considered negative and we’re put through hell for it until a white girl does it, THEN it’s considered beautiful or creative.


Stop calling everything that is related to black people ghetto!

People wonder why Black women supposedly always have an attitude and always want to pull the “race card” MAYBE THIS IS WHY?!?!?! How would you feel if every single thing that you do and basically existing makes you negative and undesirable, then the same people who ridicule you for it decide to try it out and then suddenly the entire world is singing their praises and giving them credit for everything.






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