Stuck in the middle

Recently there have been a lot of body positive movements making waves all over the place! It’s a wonderful wonderful thing because since FOREVER the media has only put out one type of woman as the standard of beauty…Thin women. Fast foreword to 2010 and beyond and you see a whole lot more women demanding diversity and that we put an end to “body shaming” and bring more curvy women to the forefront! I totally 100% agree with this, BUT a lot of things are no better than what they were before.

Two things! 1.You see a lot more magazines catering to “curvy” women. Style tips,curvy blogger interviews, and fashion spreads.The problem is that they only show one type of woman as curvy. Now they only show women that are size 16+ and that’s about  it.

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Where are the thickums women at?!?! Where are the average sized women?

The women in the above photos are rarely ever shown when it comes to being “curvy”or “thick”. Honestly, the only time you see women with this body type is in men’s magazines or bent over in a rap video. I don’t ever see women with a small waist but booty and thighs in fashion magazines.


We also have magazines showing THIS as the everyday default woman.

Wth? So basically, women are either a size 2 or a size 18? These are the only two body types we see. Whenever I go on casting websites and they have model postings, They’ll either ask for models to be a size 0-2 or size 14-18. Again, where are the middle chicks at!? WE do exist you know! ugh


# 2 The funny thing is that when companies DO feature plus size women then they show the women who are on the bigger side, but they have no belly and a super slim face. People act like it’s such huge progress (which it is since they finally have women bigger than a 2 somewhere in fashion), but they still have standards that are just as narrow as the “straight size” models. (where are the Melissa Mccarthy ,Gabourey Sidibe, and Rebel Wilson shaped women?)




One thing that I also find funny is that I finally found the “in-between” women! I typed in Plus Size model on pinterest and this is what came up.

All 4 of these women are representing the plus size side of companies…how??Why are the being used to represent a clothing company that they will most likely not even be able to shop for? It just seems like a ton confusion in the fashion industry. Most likely it’s because a size 6 and above is considered plus size in the modeling world.


One of the FEW places where I see all sizes of women really being represented is with Poetic Justice Jeans.Their tagline is “Jeans for curvy women”.poeticjusticead

Another website is Fashion Nova



Get it together guys!


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