My new lippie obsession!

Pictured wearing Tulle by Colourpop. Left to Right:Lumiere 2,Tulle, and LAX

I was on twitter and XOnecole posted a link to an article about liquid lipsticks that is on her blog. I have been hearing SO much about liquid lipsticks that last few weeks so I decided to check out the article. The article was about a company called Colourpop, and they have a ton of different off the chain lipcolors as well as eyeshadows. Their main stay is the ‘Ultra Matte Lips’ liquid lipsticks. The liquid lipsticks come in 16 different fabulous shades and come in a hard plastic tube that looks like something that a lipgloss would come in.It glides onto your lips just like a lipgloss,but once it dries it has a matte texture.


The thing I LOVE about this is how much it STAYS. Once you apply this baddie, you can eat and drink and it is STILL on your lips! My lips usually tent to crack and peel whenever I apply lipglosses or lipsticks (even if I exfoliate), but with Colourpop my lips are perfectly fine! Another thing I really like how it looks like a matte lipstick, but behaves like a lip-stain. I kid you not, I went straight to sleep after a long shift at work (Bad Ashley! Always remove your makeup before bed guys!) and when I woke up 8 hours later I had to quickly  hop in the car and run an errand.When I looked in the car mirror I noticed that my lip application from the night before was STILL on my lips and looked freshly applied

This was applied the night before and is STILL on my lips!(Tulle)

The three colors that I purchased were LAX,Tulle,And Lumiere 3.The one I’ve worn the most out of all of them is Tulle. It’s my FAVORITE

LAX is a really nice dark vampy red color that kinda make my lips look fuller!


Lumiere 2 was a total fail for me. Way too light for my skin tone with or without lip liner : (

Lumiere 2 makes my lips look super crusty!

One thing that I love even more than the actual product is their website. My GAWDDD!!! First off, they give you a mighty fine description of the type of color the lipstick is. It’ll say “a deep violet wine” or “a rich cobalt blue” (yes they have blue!!! they also have greens and purples). They also have a picture of what the color looks like on a set of lips AND they have a picture of swatches on light, medium, and dark skin. YES!!!!!!!!! Another thing I really love is how they show you which lip-liner would go with the lipstick that you clicked on. PERFECT!

So much yes!

Colourpop has a few collabs with some well known Youtube makeup gurus and Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend,Karreuche. The majority of the shades are $5 or $6 for each and what’s more? When you subscribe to their newsletter you get a coupon for $5 off of your next purchase! yasss!!!

Visit this awesome company here——-> Colourpop



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