Toilet seat covers at home

Why  is it that we MUST use a paper toilet seat cover whenever we are out in public…but not at home? Sure, you can say “but Ashley that’s in PUBLIC!”.well, I’m pretty sure your home becomes “public” whenever you have a family gathering right? Thanksgiving anyone?


Why aren’t toilet seat covers sold in grocery stores alongside toilet paper and other bathroom supplies? The only place I can think of that might sell the booty protectors is Costco and maybe Smart and Final. Isn’t aunt Nina’s butt just as nasty and unknown as a stranger’s? You may share the same bloodline,but that doesn’t mean you want to share the same diseases! The fuzzy toilet seat covers that some people have are especially gross!(imagine all that splashback. ewww)


This is something that has always confused me. Why don’t people use toilet seat covers at home?


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