Cell phone zombies

If there’s one thing that I can say that I hate with a passion, it’s cell phone zombies.It drives me nuts being around people who absolutely cannot function if they’re not on their phone every 5 minutes. It is literally like talking to a wall when you’re trying to hang out with someone who is always answering texts,checking to see if their facebook post got likes, or mindlessly scrolling through instagram. I get it, social media and smartphones are a really cool thing! What I DON’T get is how people fail to realize how completely goddamn rude they’re being.


“huh? what did you say?”

After I just said an entire novel’s worth in our “conversation” while this assjerk was scrolling and liking pictures on instagram!!! One thing that pisses me off even more than simply trying to talk to someone while they’re on the phone, is when these clowns are texting while driving with a car full of people.



I’ll be in the car and they’ll be looking down to send a text while on the damn road and then they start drifting off into other lanes. NUH UHHHH

I mean, is your phone THAT important right now?!?!?

One thing that causes severe road rage for me is when I have some place to be and the person that is stopped in front of me at the red light decides to use the red light as an opportunity to chill out on their phone.The light will turn green and this person is STILL sitting there for an additional 20 seconds!!! By the time they realize that the light is green, they’ll zoom on and then the light will turn red again. Now i’m  stuck at the red light once again when I could have gone off to my destination if this jerk would have just stayed off the damn phone!


It’s actually pretty scary how consumed the general public is with their phones. I see people running into things and tripping all the time because they  will actually walk and use their phone. It is so so SO problematic because it you’re making yourself a target for thieves. It especially hurts my heart when I see young women walking down the street with their eyes glued to their phone… AT NIGHT.

This is every criminal’s DREAM come true!


I  used to work at a restaurant and it was pretty disappointing to see that in an environment where people go to celebrate and enjoy the company of their family and/or friends,EVERYONE was on their phones ignoring each other,even Entire families! Mom,dad,kids,baby and even grandma and grandpa (who I thought would have more sense). I was a host when we had downtime we had to go collect menus. I passed by couples all the time where on one side the lady was on Facebook chatting away and on the other side the Guy was on Instagram liking photos of half naked women.REALLY!?!? Is this what we’ve become?


Paar im Restaurant schaut auf Handys

Another annoying thing is going to the movies. I HATE it now because during the movie there are always a ton of people on their phone and when you’re in the dark watching the movie for a while, the bright light from the phones hurt my eyes : (  People seriously act like Facebook and Instagram (and whatever other apps they have out now) are gonna get deleted during the 1hr 30min movie so they MUST check it every 3 minutes. It totally ruins the magic of the movie when you see a bunch of bright ass lights every few seconds.  What also sucks is when you’re out watching a movie with someone and they hop on their phone and they miss the most important parts of the movie! Then they complain later that the movie sucked or that it doesn’t make sense. YOU WEREN’T EVEN PAYING ATTENTION!

Look,there is nothing wrong with using a smartphone! I have one and I use it. Smartphones are very useful tools that can actually be used in many wonderful ways.The problem is that the majority of people have no idea how to use smartphones appropriately.Folks are so “oooh shiny!” about their smartphones and all of the cool things that they can do, that they forget the basics of proper etiquette.


That’s okay because I have compiled an easy to understand list of DOs and Don’ts when it comes to cell phone use. YAY!!

  • DON’T check your social media or texts after the previews start at the Cinema.
  • DO turn your phone off and keep it put away during the movie!If there is an emergency or you’re checking up on your kids while you’re out on a date night, take it outside!
  • *DON’T hop on your phone in favor of social media while you’re speaking with another person. That’s just rude as hell!
  • DO give respect to the speaker and give them your full undivided attention.
  • DON’T walk and text in public
  • DO stay alert and  be aware of your surroundings. ESPECIALLY at night!
  • DON’T ignore your loved ones that are sitting right in front of you at dinner.
  • DO spend time with those dear to you. Life is short! Your online buddies can wait!
  • DON’T get on your phone during important events like weddings,business meetings,or funerals.
  • DO live in the moment!

*The only time this is acceptable is if you’re both looking up directions for the next activity or movie times. lol


The name of the game is RESPECT!

: )



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