SO annoyed : (

So it’s raining really super dee duper hard in Los Angeles right now (finally) and My friend and I decided to hang out instead of being cooped up in the house all day. Although I’m scared to drive in the rain because people tend to act a complete fool, I managed to take myself over to the local movie theater and we watched Deadpool.(pretty cool movie by the way). Afterwards I was feeling hungry and just eating popcorn really doesn’t do it for me. We went to get frozen yogurt at this place called menchies and ended up sharing an absolutely incredible mix of frozen yogurt flavors. I felt like I needed REAL food and not dessert,and since it was raining I thought it would be the PERFECT time for some pho.

We ordered our food which consisted of shrimp fried rice,rare steak pho, and an order of veggie eggrolls. When we went to sit down, my friend’s shrimp fried rice came about 5 minutes later and then 2 minutes later, my eggrolls. Where was my pho? I sat and waited patiently like I always did and just thought to myself “it’s okay! obviously they’re very busy. I’ll have my precious pho soon” or”hmm, well i mean it DOES have to cook. I  wouldn’t want food poisoning”. After EVERYONE else who sat down got their goddamn ramen/pho 5 minutes later…I started to get upset.

That’s when I looked at the receipt to make sure that they even put in my order for the pho and saw the time.7:58pm


It was now 8:27pm


I got up and walked over to the register

Just like this I swear!

I explained to the cashier how I did not receive my food and it had been well over 20 minutes and they apologized and gave me my money back. I didn’t even want the damn pho anymore after that : (


Thank god I ate those veggie egg rolls or else I would have been starving! This totally ruined my night because on such a chilly rainy day ALL I WANTED was some damn soup and I just had to be the one person in the entire establishment to not get my shiet.  : (


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